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    The divine transcendent and immanent   Would Jesus agree to offer himself as a sacrifice to his deity Abba as the Letter to the Hebrews has him doing?  Let’s imagine his reply:   “Why would I make a … Continue reading

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    I might read some parts again   I’ve read the Hebrew Bible through one time.  In one of those easy-to-read Bibles – The Way – not even a translation but a paraphrase, now updated as the New Living … Continue reading

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  It would seem there was little or no effort made over the centuries, particularly over the long centuries when most people could not even read, to preserve real understanding of the biblical texts, the layers of meaning, double meanings, … Continue reading

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  Going back over the “loaves and fishes” stories once again, I realized that I had glossed over something very important.  When Jesus says to his disciples, “you feed them,” does he really mean it?  Is he just joking?  Here … Continue reading

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    If we get too caught up in the story, that is, if we think the story is all there is, then maybe we miss the point.    How does Jesus deal with suffering?  What is his Way?  When … Continue reading

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    Here is the description for “Ultimate Mystery” the above drawing of mine that turned out to be a gift for a friend:   It is Pentecostal red.   Light shining in the darkness.  Dawn breaking forth from on high (or … Continue reading

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  The Gospel gives a range of answers on any particular question or issue.    I think that those who seek to derive dogma from the Gospel have a hard time of it.  The original purpose of the Gospel does … Continue reading

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