The Gospel gives a range of answers on any particular question or issue. 


I think that those who seek to derive dogma from the Gospel have a hard time of it.  The original purpose of the Gospel does not seem to be to formulate dogma or convince the reader of certain well-defined facts.  For example, there are many shades of meaning in the descriptions of Jesus, his relationship to the Divine, his nature, etc.  It really is impossible to pin down exactly what the authors are trying to say about him, likely because they are not trying to give a concise definition, just the reverse. 


There is enormous freedom in the accounts.  The reader is given a framework within which she or he can find possible answers (or more good questions!)


When I was a child I thought the Bible was something we had to study – a chore.  Now that I see it as a fantastic puzzle, a spiritual exercise, it is a delight.  If the biblical authors had not created this enormous freedom within the texts for people to examine and champion even conflicting ideas, could so many minds have found a home there?


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