If we get too caught up in the story, that is, if we think the story is all there is, then maybe we miss the point. 


How does Jesus deal with suffering?  What is his Way?  When you read about the crucifixion, do you notice that despite intense suffering, Jesus is at peace enough so that he can make financial arrangements for his mother standing beneath him.  Is this a scene where he is at peace enough to designate an heir to his dynasty?  To Miriam he says, “Woman, behold our son,” then again to her, “behold your mother.” (paraphrase John 19:25-27).  A necessary public declaration of succession if his wife Miriam was not royal?  At peace enough so that he can speak compassionately to a rebel crucified next to him (Luke 23:39-43).  At peace enough so that he says, “Abba, I have compassion on those killing me – Abba, we forgive them.” (paraphrase Luke 23:34).  This act of forgiveness is an incredibly powerful moment and I think this scene of peace, compassion, and forgiveness is the most important scene (and one of the most underrated scenes) in the Gospel.  The message of peace, compassion, forgiveness is what it is all about.  Not to be lost among the trivia of who said this and who did that.


This forgiveness is reminiscent of what Buddha did – as he realized he was dying from contaminated food, he was peaceful and he forgave the man who had unwittingly given the food to him.


Jesus exhibits the divine-spirit-presence and is thus a Christ; Gotama exhibits his underlying wisdom-consciousness and is thus a Buddha.  They reach their full potential.  Each transforms the moment.


Well, I wrote all that and then noticed the footnote in the TNIV for the act of forgiveness in Luke 23:34:  “Some early manuscripts do not have this sentence.”  So someone added it later?  Or someone deleted it later thinking Jesus should not forgive?


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