It would seem there was little or no effort made over the centuries, particularly over the long centuries when most people could not even read, to preserve real understanding of the biblical texts, the layers of meaning, double meanings, symbolism, puzzles, cultural context.  Scholarship was subordinate to sustaining the privileges of a priestly class, privileges built on rigid dogma, not understanding.  I suspect much was lost as languages evolved.  Lost in transcribing?  Lost in editing?  Now much is being lost in easy-to-read translations.


No one knows anymore what is a “Son of Man,” also mentioned in the Hebrew Bible


No one knows what is the blasphemy that is unforgivable (Matthew 12:31-32) – nobody ever dared to say it to explain it! 


No one knows who is the “beast” in Revelation.


No one even knows when Jesus was born.


No one knows when he died or how old he was when he died. 


No one knows for sure how a crucifixion kills a man. 


No one knows if Jesus had a wife and children.


No one knows what Jesus looked like.


No one knows what person or group of people wrote/edited the books of the Gospel


No one knows how many books of the Gospel there were originally.


No one knows what the very first followers of Jesus believed.




What happened on Easter Sunday?


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