I might read some parts again


I’ve read the Hebrew Bible through one time.  In one of those easy-to-read Bibles – The Way – not even a translation but a paraphrase, now updated as the New Living Translation, an actual translation.


I don’t plan to ever read the Hebrew Bible from beginning to end again.  Too tedious.  Too much violence.  Too much genocide committed by Jews as they steal the land in Old Palestine away from the natives there.  I don’t think God approves of stealing land, then or now.  Too many accounts of wars against “idolaters” – neighboring peoples and neighbors with a matrilineal societal structure, with statues of deities with breasts – vicious wars and persecutions fueled by bigotry, intolerance, and male craving for domination and power.  Too many accounts of animals (sentient beings) being killed and barbequed in rituals of sacrifice.  And yes, if you’re not a vegetarian, you cook and eat animals.  As a wannabe vegetarian I won’t be condemning.  This communal feasting held these tribal people together for a thousand years.  Doesn’t mean I want to read about it.


Sure I might read some parts of the Hebrew Bible again, particularly the inspirational parts that are nice, like some of the psalms.


Maybe re-read and highlight some of the horrible crimes, like Elijah’s alleged massacre of 850 followers of the Great Goddess Asherah (Ashtoreth), and her divine consort Baal.  First, Elijah invites the 850 to a peaceful gathering for worship, which apparently includes the offer of a free meal.  Then he murders all of them with a sword.  After thousands of years, we can still feel the most profound revulsion as if he committed this heinous and shameful crime yesterday.  He acted like the worst kind of depraved terrorist (1 Kings 18:18-46 and 19:1 (KJV)).  In the Catholic Edition this is 3 Kings and “Elias.”


I’ll say the Hebrew Bible is worth reading once.  In fact you should read it to be fully aware of the many issues raised by it; to understand much about our modern culture.


I’ve read the New Testament through from beginning to end twice.  Both easy-to-read versions; first, The Inclusive New Testament by Priests for Equality, then the Today’s New International Version, latter now updated as the New International Version 2011 and online with a fantastic search engine at  I plan to read the NT again.


I had many years of indoctrination by school teachers (brain-washing) as a child.  Sometimes that works to my advantage, giving me a bit of familiarity with biblical texts.  Often it works to my disadvantage as I have to unlearn a lot of it in order to evaluate what the writers of the New Testament had in mind.


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