The divine transcendent and immanent


Would Jesus agree to offer himself as a sacrifice to his deity Abba as the Letter to the Hebrews has him doing?  Let’s imagine his reply:


Why would I make a sacrifice to bribe, appease, or placate Abba, my very own divine continuum, my own Higher Self, closer than a father-son relationship to me, the One who is one with me and with every other person, in me and in every other person, each person functioning as a Christ, a temple of this One Abba-Spirit, expressing this Spirit, magnifying this Spirit, manifesting this Spirit, and slowly being incarnated with this Spirit, leading to a final creation of the communal Son of Man, that is, the Body of the completed composite Christ, with this composite Christ still functioning as its predecessors, that is, as a lamp to coalesce and broadcast the Light of the One Spirit.  Do I need to bribe, appease, or placate my Self, the One Spirit who is closer than close?  To what purpose?  Are we not already in perfect harmony and communion?  Don’t you understand that you and I both are like the beloved children of this Providence; it needs nothing from us and nothing can separate us from it?


What to do about the problem of Jesus-As-Sacrifice?  This is something many modern Christians politely talk around.  Instead they say:  Jesus-As-Transformation.  Jesus-As-Gift-Of-God.  Jesus-As-Savior.  How can Jesus be a sacrifice when God does not need such!  When there is no record of Jesus making even one animal sacrifice!  When Jesus preached a deity that is Providence, not a blood-thirsty adversary!


Was Jesus a sacrifice?  Jesus spent his whole adult life doing for others: explaining scriptures, healing, having compassion, transforming his world, and proposing a Way of living that has the potential for saving us.  Jesus was doing it for others (and for us)!  Now that’s real self-sacrifice!  We are grateful for this gift.


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