I rather doubt there is any way to prove that any particular person really existed 2,000 years ago.  Rather we make assumptions based on the quality and quantity of the data.


It doesn’t matter to me if Jesus was “real” or not, because the idea of Jesus is sufficient – the whole person as presented in the combined books of the Gospel is a wonderful concept:  a healer, a wise and compassionate teacher.


Can I worship a “concept”?  Well, of course I wouldn’t worship Jesus.  As Richard Rohr has pointed out, Jesus did not say “worship me,” he said, “follow me.”  I can do that, or try to.


We can never know the real Jesus.  Only Jesus as seen through the mind of his biographer (inventor?).  Either we accept the Jesus-ideals presented in the Gospel or not.  Either we follow those ideals or not.  It matters not at all if Jesus existed, if I am a follower of The Way.


Even if writings attributed to Jesus came to light, how would we know they were really his?  Some writer could have easily pretended to be him, the most celebrated man who ever lived (or didn’t).


If Jesus was just a fictional character, it is not a problem unless you selfishly need him to do something for you, like be a bloody-sacrifice-tortured-killed-on-a-cross-to-appease-angry-god-up-in-the-sky so that you can be “saved.”  Maybe those eager to have Jesus slain for their own benefit should ask themselves if theirs is an ethical stance.  Personally, I don’t believe that God is a blood-thirsty ogre who needs a human sacrifice.


In Bible study, it is essential to distinguish between what is Wisdom and what is merely a vehicle for it.  Themes of sacrifice common to the Pagan-Roman world of the first century are merely a vehicle.  That’s my take on it.  You may have your own opinion.


What if Jesus never was?  Millions pray to Jesus.  Is there a mystical Jesus who exists beyond mere earthly existence, taking substance from the prayers of millions of believers?  Let me say that if tears and despair can birth a being, then Jesus has been made manifest a trillion times and more.  And if he is just a vision held in mind, the perfect idol – no harm is done.  But if Jesus was a man who lived, then he is an eternal being.  Just as much as I am.  Just as much as you are. 


If we accept an important teaching of Jesus in the Gospel, that we are all One, that all of us are branches on the same divine vine, then we believe that we can never be separated from anyone else who ever was.  That realization of oneness is all we need to find.  We don’t need to find Jesus or any particular person.  Only that One.  That One that I am. 


That you are.



Peace out of a sense of oneness


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2 Responses to DID JESUS EXIST?

  1. care4earth says:

    Marvelous piece of work!!

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