I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that for many statements in the New Testament, it is possible to find another statement either contradicting it or challenging the meaning in some way.

I don’t think the New Testament is supposed to be the foundation for dogma; rather, it is supposed to be the foundation for a conversation, so that those who are on a spiritual search can converse with others likewise searching.  That the original purpose was to get people thinking for themselves is evidenced by the great proliferation of independent Christian churches – groups of people who have their own opinions.

Trouble is, this conversation sometimes got rowdy or worse – wars of religion, inquisitions, discrimination, etc.  The conversation can remain civil and productive unless one party claims to know-it-all and be infallible – a real conversation stopper.

Christianity is still alive, not because it gives a one-size-fits-all answer, an answer that would rapidly ossify into meaninglessness, but because it asks a question, many questions in fact.  The answers are still evolving.


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  1. care4earth says:

    If only the Pope would enter into a conversation with Roy Bourgeois, based on the New Testament.

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