Is this a tease in John 13:10, “Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet, their whole body is clean.”  (TNIV)  Aren’t feet part of the “whole body”?  And who among us can take a bath without wetting feet?  It would be a difficult feat (heh, heh).

On second thought, I realize that only the extremely rich in those days had what might pass for a bath tub or bathing pool with water supplied by pipes or slaves.  So if you were not part of the super-rich, you had to be satisfied with a bath using a wash cloth and basin or bowl.  Then yes, the feet washing would definitely be the final step – washing off from one’s feet the dust of the road and all manner of filth that had been deposited on the road.

Here we see Jesus aligned with the poor and the average person.  Sort of like being aligned with all but the obscenely rich one percent in our country – those who manipulate laws and make the laws to their own advantage and who don’t mind trashing our economy in the process.

Imagine living back then

But then again, didn’t everyday people often bathe in rivers?  Hard to wade into a river or stream without putting feet first.

My researching other translations didn’t shed any light on this odd verse.

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  1. Human says:

    The house you drew representing ancient times looks very inviting. Can I move in? I like your art work. A house- to be really inviting- depends on the people who live there.

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