So many times now I’ve started to draft a post on the New Testament thinking – this will only take a few minutes.  I’ll just write a few paragraphs.  Then –

>>What does this mean?

>>And what about this translation?

>>Look this up.

>>Where is it?


Suddenly it’s five pages and many weeks later.

Still not done.

Is this because the New Testament is sloppily written and confused?

Quite the contrary.  I think I know when I’m being led, teased, confronted.  Seems like the authors are doing it very deliberately . . . . and very, very skillfully.

Are the readers of the New Testament supposed to come away with a set of beliefs in mind or are they supposed to come away with a mind changed beyond belief?  From the point of view of someone who is creating me, I suspect it is more important for me to be growing my mind than it is for me to be swallowing dogmas.

Change your mind

I would never have guessed what this book is just from listening to others talk about it or just from reading through it like it was a novel.

It’s a different experience entirely when I try to find the puzzles.

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  1. care4earth says:

    What a beautiful picture! It made me think of a clear positive mind full of good thoughts (not a run-around). Or does it portray a mind at work?

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    I hope the New Year brings you much joy and great friendship. Be well,

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