Here is a symbol from Tibet.  I saw it on a DVD, on a flag at a Tibetan Buddhist temple.  It is called the “Endless Knot.”


2014 01 12 The Endless Knot Buddhist symbol gif

The Endless Knot, a Buddhist symbol


The Buddhist Endless Knot is also called the Unending Knot, the Eternal Knot, the Knot of Eternity, or the Infinite Knot.


It may symbolize “Buddha’s endless wisdom and compassion. It indicates continuity as the underlying reality of existence.” -1-


I have put the Buddhist Endless Knot here for the convenience of those who do not want to plow through many pages of Bible discussion in another post in this blog where it is mentioned.


Online, it doesn’t seem to matter if this Buddhist symbol is rotated horizontally or even turned 90 degrees??


I was not able to find an image of this symbol when I searched for it on the Dalai Lama website.


I like bright colors but I suspect that a Buddhist might rather have a plain grayish image so as to not disturb the calm peacefulness found in his/her meditation.  But as this symbol is used now in interior decorating, I suppose I would not be the first to add some bright color like red, blue, or yellow.



2014 01 11 The Endless Knot eternal infinite color design gif



The Endless Knot Buddhist symbol

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  1. The endless knot is considered as the perfect representation of unity in the universe.

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