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Finding out Jesus might have been real after all

The discovery (or rather the re-discovery) of the Talpiot tombs by James Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici is the most monumental archeological finding in 2,000 years of Christianity.

Why is finding the alleged bones of Jesus of Nazareth so important? Because it refutes the theology of a physical resurrection? Yes, it does refute it, but I don’t think the New Testament speaks clearly as to whether Jesus had a physical resurrection or some other type of resurrection, so there is nothing to refute, except a mix of traditions that have no basis in anything except a selective reading of scripture.

In my own case, if I happen to resurrect, I sure hope it will not be with a recycling of these old bones. The Almighty could save Itself a great deal of trouble trying to rectify my decrepit body, by just starting over from scratch and giving me a brand new body. I would be willing to suggest some specifications.

But a physical body does not exist absent a biosphere or other life-support system. So don’t give me a new body unless it has a biosphere to go with it, please. However, a brand new body gloriously free from the laws of physics, one that could subsist on starlight and the sparkling morning dew, might be quite a nice experience and very welcome.

The Talpiot tomb is important to me because it tells me that the historical Jesus really did exist, as least beyond a reasonable doubt. The ossuaries in the tomb had a cluster of names that is unique and telling in terms of probability. I thought the idea that the Talpiot tomb belonged to the Jesus family was very compelling even without the “James-brother-of-Jesus” ossuary. Now the James ossuary is even more conclusively linked to the tomb by this most recent chemical analysis of soil clinging to it by geologist Aryeh Shimron.

Of course the historical Jesus is not entirely the same as the mystical Jesus who was promoted by Paul the Apostle in his zeal to spread monotheism to those looking for a compromise between monotheistic Judaism with its many hundreds of inconvenient rules, and the bloody Pagan tradition of the Lady and her sacrificed Lord. Pauline Christianity was the hybrid they bought into.

The New Testament is not very convincing as to the historical actuality of Jesus of Nazareth, so the Talpiot tomb is critical to our understanding. Nice to know Jesus of Nazareth was a real person – in all probability.

As far as I know, the Vatican has had nothing to say about Talpiot (give them time and they may come up with a response after a few centuries). Certainly they should be grateful that there is now a strong indication that Jesus of Nazareth actually existed historically. Or maybe that would be quite an assumption on my part that the cult of the Curia and its princely cardinals in white lace and flowing red silk have anything to do with Jesus.

There is nothing to support the assertions about Jesus in the New Testament other than the historical fact that some people were martyred defending their personal beliefs about Christianity, but what evidence if any did the martyrs have, and could they have misunderstood or even been delusional??

Now with the findings from Talpiot, for the first time there is strong scientific evidence showing the probability that Jesus actually existed. That’s why the tomb is significant!








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