What is this idiotic idea that everything must be divided up according to gender, that the female must be an accessory (complementary) to the male?

The term complementary reminds me of complementary angles in geometry.  The angles must sum to 90 degrees and each angle completes what the other ‘lacks” to make 90 degrees.  Each angle also limits the other.  Is this the way human relationships are?  Limiting?

Or are we supposed to love, support, empower, and to offer mutuality to each other.  Not limiting the other.  Recognizing wholeness (holiness), not finding lack.  Each made in God’s image.

My gender does not limit me.  Rather it empowers me.  It informs who I am becoming.

I don’t have a need to try to limit other people.  Yes, there is the key in lock.  Doesn’t mean you should extrapolate from that biology to place arbitrary cultural restrictions on all human interactions everywhere according to gender.  Yes, only women can breast feed. Doesn’t mean they can’t be astronauts. . . . or priests.

I’m not stuck in the 1950’s. I would leave it up to each couple to decide how to live their marriage. They can decide:

Who does the dishes

Who feeds the cat

Who burps the baby

Who chops the wood

Who lights the barbecue

Who brings home the bacon

It is sobering to realize that some will not allow a woman to speak or read.

  • In the Roman Catholic Church, a woman is not allowed to give a sermon or read aloud from the Gospel, as if women’s voices were profane, and as if women’s intellects were hampered by “feminine genius.”
  • The Taliban will not let girls or women learn how to read.

How do these chauvinist organizations get away with it?

Women allow it.






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2 Responses to OF LIMITS AND LACK

  1. Jamie Carter says:

    Women don’t really have the power in the church to challenge the men that call the shots, the women don’t allow it – they don’t have a choice. I know of a great many women that don’t really like the status quo, their love for God is greater and they exist in the rules because that’s what they believe what God would have them do.

    • truleeyours says:

      Yes but if women act together, organized, they can make incremental changes. Many women will not try to change their roles because they are afraid that if men are not completely in charge, they will leave. It’s not so much the men grabbing power; it’s these women who are afraid who coddle the men and encourage them in their behavior

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