I am a woman in the US.


This blog is dedicated to Bible study and religion. 


I think it is fascinating to study the New Testament because there are so many different possible interpretations.  Maybe I have added a few myself. 


In the NT we get only a glimpse of the Ultimate through a veil of paradox and mystery. 


I am speculating that the NT was originally designed as a spiritual exercise.  The more I workout, the greater my awareness.  When I see competing ideas in the text, maybe that is a signal I need to begin to think.  Despite differing shades of meaning among passages, each word is an essential part of the framework within which I can find some truth. 


What if the four versions of the Gospel were constructed to be like a literary four-level game of chess?  See if you can ferret out the cross-linkages and subtleties on four different levels and thereby gain Wisdom.


My theory is that the NT was written so that understanding comes by reading all the books and letters side-by-side and comparing differences.  This, in part, is what I am attempting here.  Maybe this blog is a way for me to organize my thoughts?


I’m not here to convince you of anything.  I’m not a religious fanatic, not proselytizing.  I am still on the journey. 


I believe I can learn something from anyone.  Your thought-filled comments are very welcome!




2 Responses to ABOUT THIS BLOG

  1. pastorlon says:

    Hi Truleeyours, I am just wondering who you are. It doesn’t say in the “about” page.
    God Bless

    • truleeyours says:

      I’ve just never had a reason to put up my personal information. If you want to know who I am – really – read my blog. (Read between the lines.) I particularly liked your other reply. It is very helpful. Each person builds the kingdom in her/his own way.

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