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Something I missed the first time through writing about the Vatican anti-women documents issued by Pope John Paul II, and perhaps something he missed also, or so it would seem. Jesus enemies try to trick him and goad him into … Continue reading

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Serendipity Continuing here with my notion that paradox is built into religion and perhaps we learn something from paradoxes. A problem with the Ten Commandments is that there are eleven of them.  Catholics combine the first two commandments, Protestants the … Continue reading

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If you need good luck, why not sacrifice a child to appease the god? Regarding the practice of child sacrifice in many African countries — doesn’t Christianity promote this false idea that there is a god or spirit that must … Continue reading

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Why is Catholicism fading away in Europe? No one knows? Scandal, lack of democracy, lack of respect for women and gays, etc?  Hardly ‘secularism’ whatever that is. Perhaps the reason is that theology has drifted so far from the ideals … Continue reading

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  In Webster’s online dictionary, paradox means “contradictory or opposed to common sense,” among other things. Basically, paradoxical beliefs in religion are mysteries that cannot be explained and are accepted on faith.  I do wonder what is the point of … Continue reading

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There is a lot more to women’s choosing beyond use of contraceptives and abortion. Women ultimately decide who are the “alpha males” — those who will be allowed to have a genetic future. Also, society is in the process of … Continue reading

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What is this idiotic idea that everything must be divided up according to gender, that the female must be an accessory (complementary) to the male? The term complementary reminds me of complementary angles in geometry.  The angles must sum to … Continue reading

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