With regard to Pope’s naming of new cardinals:  Still no female cardinal.

Wouldn’t it be so refreshing if even one of the men being honored by being elevated to cardinal refused the honor saying, “I will not accept such an honor until a woman is made cardinal.”

The Pope and his minions have cast their lot with the women who are satisfied to be treated like doormats and who are as yet not fully aware of the misogyny in the Church. Not a good bet because these women may wake up any day now and not ever be inclined to return to the Church once they have left in disgust.

Telling women they have to be self-limiting, self-undervaluing, unfulfilled, and satisfied with a small slice of the “complementarian” pie, is not an indoctrination that most women will find appealing over the long term, I’ll bet.

Jesus is dishonored by this religion that has degenerated into discrimination and exclusion, instead of being a “priesthood of all believers,” and “neither male nor female.”

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